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LH 400





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Production of analog cinema projector  16mm,  Super/16,  35mm
  various accessories for cinema projection


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16mm analog cinema projector

  L200 - portatile alogeno 16mm       I800 - portatile alogeno 16mm       SX1600 - trasportabile o fisso xenon 16mm      



35mm analog cinema projector

  LH400 - portatile alogeno 35mm       PX1600 - trasportabile xenon 35mm       LX2500ST - trasportabile xenon 35mm      




Power supply for cinema xenon lamp

  serie ALX       serie ALX 



Cyan Red LASER Soundtrack players

    lettore laser Serie LU     lettore laser Serie LC      



Constant speed electronic film re-winder

    avvolgifilm elettrico Serie AE      



Accessories for analogue and digital cinema projection



    lenses and anamorphic lenses

    Sound power amplifiers


    Projection screens

    screens structures



Laser technology introduced some time ago in digital projectors has the aim of having optimal performance with low management and consumption costs, for modern sustainability. We recommend RGB systems, with 3 fundamental color lasers which best allow the management of brightness, definition and DCI SMPTE colors

Given the non-existent demand, xenon lamp manufacturers have stopped building special lamps for 16 and 35mm film projectors.
We are able to adapt the existing lanterns of analogue projectors, so as to be able to mount a type of lamp used for digital projection and therefore always available over time.